Who We Are & What We Provide

Stripmatic Products, Inc. fabricates metal tubular shapes that are formed in a unique die process in stamping presses. SPI continues to engineer customized metal processing capabilities to develop close tolerance outside diameters, exceptional roundness and length tolerances as well as numerous added value features such as machined or rolled edge chamfers, pierced holes, notches, welded seams, embossed patterns, etc.

Bill and Liz Adler purchased Stripmatic Products in February of 1992. They established a management team that was given the responsibility of redefining the company and establishing strategic objectives. As a result, our marketing focus has evolved into serving those customers and applications for which we can offer the maximum added value.

Stripmatic Products Inc. was founded in 1946 and was located in Cleveland’s Tremont neighborhood since 1948 until they relocated 5 minutes south of downtown Cleveland on the I-77 & Grant Ave exit in Cuyahoga Hts. in July of 2011. SPI completely renovated an existing 62,700 square foot facility with new lighting, air, electrical service, crane systems, and a complete build out of the office space to satisfy our current needs as well as to accommodate for our planned growth.

Since our founding in 1946 Stripmatic Products delivered high quality, split-seam bushings, spacers and tubular parts to various industries. The two major markets that we currently serve are the automotive and heavy truck industry. In the automotive markets, our parts are used in chassis, frames, and suspension bushings systems. In the heavy truck market, our parts are used mainly on the axles “spider” assembly and suspension systems. Wrapped bushings also have applications as part of conveyor chain, appliances, lawn and garden implements, and agricultural equipment.

Stripmatic has over 70 years of “split-seam” fabrication experience from which we have developed the custom equipment and processes to maintain the highest level of diameter and length control in the industry. These parts offer our customer improved tolerances and cost savings when they convert from cut-off tubing or machined parts. Our customized end finishing machines will develop length tolerances of +/- .004”.

We currently have a full plate of R&D projects focused on expanding our size capability as well as seam welding and other potential added value operations.  We constantly look for opportunities in non-automotive applications.

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